Writing an evacuee diary

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Elena's Diary

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I am writing a diary of a fictional 13 year old girl who was evacuated during World War 2 Status: Resolved. Diary Writing Year 6 KS2 by Claire Birchall on Prezi November 18th, - Transcript of Diary Writing Year 6 KS2 Can you Diary of an Evacuee Oakwood Junior School in Alvaston November 17th, - Diary of an Evacuee… stssttst September Dear Diary Today we were evacuated We woke up at dawn and our mother who.

Spilsby Primary School. Welcome to our school website. Browse the pages to see the wonderful learning we get up to! Letter writing – as an evacuee Recounts/Diary, e.g. Ann Frank Choral/Performance poetry – link to devastation of war/Blitz Poetry- Personification Air Raids & shelters - Report writing Writing questions for interview Early childhood memories – invite guests in to record memories.

Aug 28,  · Diary entry: 3rd September First day at my new school. August 28, Uncategorized emmzy. Dear Diary, Today was my first day at Benedict Brown School. Dad drove us to school. We didn’t have the uniforms yet so I had to wear my normal clothes.

He left us [my sister, Bonny, and I] at the front office. Murphy Musings. Search this site. Home; Home. 8th Grade ELA Class.

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World War Two

Diary of Anne Frank/Genocide. Historical Fiction Unit/CHAINS. Reading Information & Resources. Science Fiction Unit. Starting 8th Grade Activities & Information.

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Persuasive Writing Unit. Poetry Unit. The Watsons.

Writing an evacuee diary
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Diaries and Journals from World War II now appearing as Blogs