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The Florida Senate

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U.S. Constitution

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The Constitution of the State of Florida as revised in consisted of certain revised articles as proposed by three joint resolutions which were adopted during the special session of June July 3,and ratified by the electorate on November 5,together with one article carried forward from the Constitution ofas amended.

The Eighteenth Amendment is the only Amendment to ever have been repealed from the United States Constitution--via the inclusion of the Twenty-First Amendment. The 18th Amendment called for. May 30,  · Watch video · The Constitution of the United States established America’s national government and fundamental laws, and guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens.

The Eighteenth Amendment is the only Amendment to ever have been repealed from the United States Constitution--via the inclusion of the Twenty-First Amendment. The 18th Amendment called for.

The Constitution of the United States of America (see explanation) Preamble ["We the people"] (see explanation) Article I [The Legislative Branch] (see explanation) Section 1.

[Legislative Power Vested] (see explanation) Section 2. [House of Representatives] (see explanation) Section 3. [Senate] (see explanation) Section 4.

Constitution laws constitution
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