Brian w picking up trash

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Brian W Picking Up Trash

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The town has been picking up the bottles, cans and papers and delivering them to the Hudson Falls trash plant to be burned.

In a June 13 notice, the town officially halted pick-up services. “We. Anyone can pick it up and move to the dump, but Brian treats it like a business, as he should and it shows in his customer service.

5 Stars, well deserved. Thank you Brian! Fast and extremely friendly service, arrived on time, and had very reasonable prices.5/5(38). Great for litter picking I use this to pick up litter around my neighborhood and it works great for that.

Easily grabs small stuff like candy wrappers, bottle caps, straws and cigarette butts with precision. Brian Wench from Clean Lots shares his story of how he earns a 6 figure salary picking up trash and how anyone can start their own business right away. Picking up Trash I.

My goal for this management plan is to pick up trash. I what to clean up the grounds around the campus and around the football field. If this is put into practice then the grounds will look all better for visitors and if will bring in diversity in the ecosystem. Start picking up the phone or check out my book for an illustrated, easy-to-follow manual on everything I’ve learned over the past 36 years.

Someone’s trash really is your treasure! .

Brian w picking up trash
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A 6 Figure Salary to Pick Up Trash with Clean Lots? You Better Believe It!