A study on customer satisfaction towards various brands of two wheelers in chennai city

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Management Project Titles

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Customer Satisfaction Toward Maruti Suzuki

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INDIA. On the domestic front, India remained the fastest growing major economy in the world, after surpassing China last year.

Gross Domestic Product growth rate was % for FYsupported by strong consumption growth and government spending.

To study the customer satisfaction with usage of their cars. attitude and performance towards the customer enhances tremendously. Internal This is especially true for high involvement products such as cars, two-wheelers, durables etc. behaviour and customer satisfaction for purchasing of two wheeler bikes on the basis of Price, Fuel efficiency, Brand, Style and comfort name.

i. Schiff man. G. Leon and kanuklazare Leslie1 - Study of the customer behaviour is the study of how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources (Time, Money and. About Us Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

(Formerly Hero Honda Motors Ltd.) is the world's largest manufacturer of two - wheelers, based in India.

Project on customer satisfaction towards airtel Essay Sample

Inthe company achieved the coveted position of being the largest two-wheeler manufacturing company in India and also, the 'World No.1' two-wheeler company in terms of unit volume sales in a calendar year. Tirupati Rao, Zonal Head (Sales and Customer Care), Mahindra 2 Wheelers, Chennai and Venkat Anil, Managing Partner, Silicon Motors were present at the launch.

A study on customer satisfaction towards various brands of two wheelers in chennai city
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