1950s advertising

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10 Most Sexist Print Ads from the 1950s

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We often discuss current issues on this blog, but it’s important to remember our roots. Sometimes when you look back at history, it can inspire ideas for the future.

With about 50% of the US population under the age of 25 due to the baby boom of the s, a swell of young people in their teens and early. s in regard to the creation of the stereotype of the ideal woman.

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But only recently have historians Friedan regarding the advertising content of popular. women’s magazines, in her classic study The Feminine Mystique. Friedan was perhaps the first to. It's true that modern-day ads objectify women, but there's no way companies could get away with what they just did a half-century ago.

The Soda Pop Board Of America (s) 11 / Chase. s advertising stock photos 7, s advertising stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

See s advertising stock video clips. Perhaps the most important factor influencing advertising in the s was the growth of TV and its maturation into a viable ad medium. Byregular live network service reached the West Coast via microwave transmitters, establishing coast-to.

Get Nostalgic With 18 Christmas-Themed Magazine Ads From the s.

1950s advertising
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